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Book of ra 2 hacked

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book of ra 2 hacked

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Book Of Ra 2 Hacked Video

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A week after the report by McAfee, Microsoft issued a fix for the issue, [20] and admitted that they had known about the security hole used since September.

VeriSign 's iDefense Labs claimed that the attacks were perpetrated by "agents of the Chinese state or proxies thereof".

According to a diplomatic cable from the U. Embassy in Beijing, a Chinese source reported that the Chinese Politburo directed the intrusion into Google's computer systems.

The cable suggested that the attack was part of a coordinated campaign executed by "government operatives, public security experts and Internet outlaws recruited by the Chinese government.

Once a victim's system was compromised, a backdoor connection that masqueraded as an SSL connection made connections to command and control servers running in Illinois, Texas, and Taiwan, including machines that were running under stolen Rackspace customer accounts.

The victim's machine then began exploring the protected corporate intranet that it was a part of, searching for other vulnerable systems as well as sources of intellectual property, specifically the contents of source code repositories.

The attacks were thought to have definitively ended on Jan 4 when the command and control servers were taken down, although it is not known at this point whether or not the attackers intentionally shut them down.

The German, Australian, and French governments publicly issued warnings to users of Internet Explorer after the attack, advising them to use alternative browsers at least until a fix for the security hole was made.

In an advisory on January 14, , Microsoft said that attackers targeting Google and other U. The Internet Explorer exploit code used in the attack has been released into the public domain, and has been incorporated into the Metasploit Framework penetration testing tool.

A copy of the exploit was uploaded to Wepawet, a service for detecting and analyzing web-based malware operated by the computer security group at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Security company Websense said it identified "limited public use" of the unpatched IE vulnerability in drive-by attacks against users who strayed onto malicious Web sites.

Microsoft admitted that the security hole used had been known to them since September. Security researchers continued to investigate the attacks.

HBGary , a security firm, released a report in which they claimed to have found some significant markers that might help identify the code developer.

The firm also said that the code was Chinese language based but could not be specifically tied to any government entity. On February 19, , a security expert investigating the cyber-attack on Google, has claimed that the people behind the attack were also responsible for the cyber-attacks made on several Fortune companies in the past one and a half years.

They have also tracked the attack back to its point of origin, which seems to be two Chinese schools, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Lanxiang Vocational School.

In March , Symantec , which was helping investigate the attack for Google, identified Shaoxing as the source of To prevent future cyberattacks such as Operation Aurora, Amitai Etzioni of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies has suggested that the United States and China agree to a policy of mutually assured restraint with respect to cyberspace.

This would involve allowing both states to take the measures they deem necessary for their self-defense while simultaneously agreeing to refrain from taking offensive steps; it would also entail vetting these commitments.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Aurora Generator Test. Retrieved 17 January Experts ID two huge cyber 'gangs' in China".

Retrieved 24 February Archived from the original on 18 January Retrieved 2 Mar Retrieved 20 January Haley and her peers in state governments have successfully pushed legislation in a majority of states that punishes anyone who tries to boycott Israeli institutions or products.

There is also increasing pressure to define any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism and therefore a hate crime, modeled on similar legislation in Canada, Britain and France.

Why should that be? So hang on to your hats, my fellow Americans. AIPAC is not going away and it will be doing all it can to keep neighboring Syria a cauldron of death and destruction while also calling for war on Iran.

Meanwhile the billions and billions of dollars will continue to flow from an increasingly straitened United States to a wealthy Israel.

House of Representatives for significantly bolstering its support of U. Russian authorities have refused to divulge any details about the alleged threat posed by Rabbi Ari Edelkopf, citing laws on state secrets, according to a local Chabad leader.

Edelkopf now has no further legal recourse and is legally obligated to leave the country in the near future, Interfax reported. Edelkopf, a father of seven who grew up in the United States and lived in Israel before settling in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, has denied engaging in any activity that can reasonably be considered unsavory to authorities.

The deportation comes amid a Russian crackdown on organizations with foreign funding. He lost an appeal in regional court. The Chabad-affiliated Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia condemned the deportation order when it was first issued.

He added that at least seven rabbis have been forced to leave Russia in recent years for alleged immigration violations. The ruling comes two and a half years after Israeli Chabad Rabbi Krichevsky was deported from Russian following reports by local news organizations that he had been charged with spying for Israel.

It was a favourite method of suppressing criticism of their little experiment in communism in Russia. Any rational Russian who voiced doubt about the glories of Jew bolshevism could quickly find himself in a mental asylum.

It gives kikes unlimited scope to run their all-knowing mouths off. Unfortunately, it also has real consequences for many normal people who these scum can have committed and forcibly poisoned with their psychotropic drugs.

In a Wednesday report entitled: Already during the Nuremberg postwar trials, the huge amount of Zyklon-B deliveries to the infamous Auschwitz Camp were seen as evidence for homicidal activities on a large scale in that camp.

Revisionists, on the other hand, have maintained that this insecticide was used only to combat vermin in the struggle against epidemics.

In a article, Piotr Setkiewicz, currently the research director of the Auschwitz Museum, tried to dismiss this revisionist claim as a myth by attempting to prove that the amount of Zyklon B delivered cannot be explained merely by its use for fumigations.

It shows not only that Setkiewicz grossly miscalculated the a mount of Zyklon B delivered, but also misrepresented the amount of Zyklon B the camp would have needed to suppress the typhus epidemic raging inside the Auschwitz camp for some two years.

His exposition far surpasses all previous discussions on the topic by orthodox Holocaust historians especially the rather frivolous one by van Pelt , and also raises what appear to be certain not insignificant problems.

It therefore deserves to be examined more carefully. Setkiewicz highlights the lack of documentary evidence in relation to the alleged mass extermination at Auschwitz, noting:.

This is, however, only the same dubious method used by Danuta Czech in the preparation of her Auschwitz Chronicle Czech Yet Setkiewicz wants to go beyond this by analyzing documents previously ignored by the Auschwitz Museum which should provide new evidence.

In fact, his article is an indirect response to the revisionist arguments, especially with regard to supplies of coke to the crematoria of Auschwitz-Birkenau; it is an indirect response to such an extent that the revisionist arguments are never explicitly mentioned.

This book is currently being translated into English and is slated to appear under the title Auschwitz: I am quoting from the Acts of St.

These Acts were read by Orthodox Christians. Their words truly point to that Apostle. We remember him as the one to whom Jesus said: Then before the crucifixion, as Jesus said: This was allowed by the Lord and Peter denied Him with cursing, three times.

Peter says in his epistle: The opposition in man is against you and us, dear Brother but those men are full of Satan and his demons.

On another occasion, this was Peter, that impulsive, often cowardly and Satan controlled Peter. Source New Testament writes it like this: Therein lies our battle.

These demons in our enemies make strong and successful efforts to control all churches and Christians, as they are doing in hundreds of millions in our Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic and Fundamental Churches.

They have brought utter darkness in relation to their End-time myths. The demons control these multitudes of pastors, leaders, Bible School, Seminary scholars.

The battle is spiritual and not of the flesh. We must stand against it. We must preach the truth. Am so glad you are hanging on in there, dear Brother.

Should we be surprised at the incessant worship those millions accord their mythical Israel that is not the Old Testament Israel.

It is most revealing on their Christian? Rank heresy and Satanism with submission to them and to the vast army of demons under Satan.

As supporters we all should join with Brother Nathanael in doing what St. Also, we must put on the whole armor of God and we stand against the Devil.

We command these demons to leave us alone in our joining with our Brother in the promotion of the Truths of the Word of God with regard to the gospel.

We win the fight and maintain the defeat of the enemies of Christ. Maybe, maybe not and that is not the point. It is that we have been given as Jesus said:.

Jesus said this to the seventy-two apostles He sent out. He was referring to the Scribes and Pharisees of Babylonian Judaism.

They were subtle and full of poisonous venom. To tread or trample on them meant the apostles would have a total victory. Such are our enemies. Let those who believe, follow along with Brother Nathanael in his actions of prayer and faith, being victorious over these enemies of Christ and of us.

This next gave me a good laugh. I came across this chapter from an online book written by a couple of Jewish rabbis: It is widely accepted that different ethnic groups have distinctive and meaningful patterns of conversational style that are known — almost intuitively — to their members.

Jews are no exception. The patterns of conversation that are found among most Jews, especially those of Eastern European origin, differ in significant ways from patterns of conversation found among most non-Jews in America.

She affirms - what Jewish speakers basically know intuitively - that talking as another person continues to talk is one way that Jews show interest and appreciation.

Also typical of Jewish conversational style are: Tannen further affirms that the very sounds of Jewish-style talk, including: You offer talk as a gift.

Instead of stating the point of a story directly, Jews often dramatize it through another story while focusing upon the emotional experience of that story.

They also may find the expression -and implied expectation - of personal revelation unnerving and intrusive.

Beyond this, people often make erroneous judgments about the personality of individuals who express themselves according to their normative ethnic and regional conversational styles.

But there are many who do - enough to account for the negative stereotype. How many died in total in Auschwitz according to the official number in ?

When did the official , dead in Auschwitz start to be six million gassed and lampshaded Jews? My wife and I desperately want to move to Russia.

We feel like what it must feel like to be a refugee wanting to flee a country that does not have its best interests at heart, which is America.

I am at level 2 intermediate with Rosetta stone, and she at 1. We are both about to start attending a Russian Eastern Orthodox Christian church and become full-fledged members.

We are both white nationalists and we want out of the JEWS! I am willing to sell everything I own except the clothes on my back and donate every single penny to you if you can help us.

I know this comes across as tit for tat, but at the end of the day its a good thing because it helps you and it helps us.

I no longer want to live another single day in this God forsaken country, because thats what it is. In the headlines today: UK to trigger Article 50, starting Brexit process.

This appears to be another big step toward Britain exiting from the EU. If you read the text under the Gomberg map, you can see that paragraph 18 lists the nations to compose the EU United States of Europe.

Instead England is part of a separate region as shown by Paragraph Based on the above info it seems as if the Brexit is part of the plans for forcing white Christian peoples to integrate and interbreed with non-Christian non-white peoples.

The United Nations are not united; they are more like divided. The Brexit seems to be another divide and conquer plan like the Jews have used down through the ages.

It also seems to line up with plans in the Gomberg map which predates WW2. Did you accidentally drop something out of your Talmud?

One of your Chabad students drop something? The incident occurred a day after the Jewish student center announced that Chabad was hosting renowned Holocaust survivor Rabbi Nissen Mangel for a lecture.

More than leaflets with hand-drawn swastikas on them were found on the front yard of the Chabad Jewish Student center at Virginia Tech on Saturday.

Simply not the way anti-Semitic hate literature is normally distributed. Hand-drawn swastikas go with hasty hit and run graffiti, not as images on leaflets for distribution.

The incident occurred a day after the Jewish student center announced that Chabad was hosting renowned Holocaust survivor Rabbi Nissen Mangel for a lecture at Virginia Tech in April.

Zwiebel told local media he believes the two are related. The lecture program is to honor Professor Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who was killed in the Virginia Tech shootings when he blocked the door of his classroom so students could escape through the windows.

Remember kids, never argue with a Jew. Last week, a US airstrike against the Syrian town of al-Mansour hit a school that was housing displaced civilians, killing at least 33 of them, and by some estimates as many as German planes do not conduct airstrikes in Syria, but are rather used for reconnaissance, and officials say that German Tornado jets had taken images of the school and the surrounding area the day before the attack, along with photos after the attack on the damage inflicted.

That locals described the victims as largely women and children did not deter US commander Lt. German reports appear to give even more credence to the idea that civilians were killed in the incident, or at the very least that the US did not have any conclusive intelligence on ISIS being inside the site.

In raw numbers, that means the US and its coalition partners are dropping an average of bombs on the city of Mosul every single week so far in March.

That number is growing, too, with the largest week seeing just over bombs dropped. This increase in bombings is also leading to a substantial increase in the number of civilian deaths from US airstrikes as well, with several hundred civilians killed this month.

Isler insisted every single one of the 8, bombs dropped around Mosul since the invasion began was individually approved by an Iraqi general or a Kurdish Peshmerga figure.

It is worth noting that Iraq has paused its Mosul offensive in recent days specifically because of the growing death toll of the US strikes, saying they could no longer conduct operations in the densely populated Old City under the current strategy.

It appears there has been a mistake in regards to limiting my PayPal account. I have had a PayPal account for my c 3 Christian ministry for many years without issue.

As indicated in our letter to you of March 28, , your account was permanently limited following our recent review of your account usage.

We regrettably are not able to provide you with information about the basis of that action beyond what is included in our initial letter.

Please remove all references to PayPal from your website. PayPal is owned by the Jew, Daniel Shulman.

This is what the world has come to. What does that tell you? That a GOY does the dirty work of the Jew masters. THIS is what the world has come to.

Things were tough with it. You would think that there own star-rating of publications would factor in on their decisions as to what things to eliminate.

The Mail came from here: German Believers and hundreds of churches and Orgs. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on the Arab states to endorse the Palestinian position on statehood and demanded the United Kingdom apologize for granting the Balfour declaration.

Abbas, who spoke at the Arab League summit in Jordan, said Britain should not celebrate the th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which supported the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Mandatory Palestine, but rather apologize to the Palestinians.

I was hanging by a thread when I had PayPal. Now that that thread is cut I am hanging by a heavenly one. Pray it could be more, much more.

I did try this morning to make my donation through PayPal, but the payment was rejected, it stated, you were not accepting donations through Paypal anymore.

I see people getting unbelievable amounts of money with no pay back needed. Must be a lawyer out there somewhere who can take up the cause of these recent bannings and banishments.

AND when Jews are about to kill you off they do it with all the proper protocol of politeness. But murder by any other entree spills blood the same.

I wonder if PAYPAL finances the sale of guns, knives, bows, you know things which could be considered minor weapons of mass destruction like an AK, flame throwers; and especially guns which I think it is the Jews who are trying to get guns banned, correct?

Foreign tourism to Israel, no matter what juicy tourist packages Tel Aviv cooks up, has declined since when the terrorist Jewish state launched Operation Protective Edge on Gaza.

Probably the only ones keeping the tourist rates afloat in your Rogue Terrorist State are American Jews, the deluded Judaizers and Zio-christians, and Sodomites.

The Jewspeak might work for awhile, but then, people just get tired of your endless and vain repetitions. Barely three weeks after the Knesset passed controversial legislation that would deny entry into Israel to any foreigners who publicly support a boycott of the country, a small but vocal Jewish organization that fights anti-Israel activism on American college campuses published a list Wednesday of all the professors in the United States who have ever called for an academic boycott of Israel.

The universities are divided into categories according to the number of boycott supporters they employ. Each category is assigned a different colored marker.

By clicking on any marker on the map, a viewer can obtain a list of all the names of faculty members who have signed a public document endorsing the academic boycott of Israel.

The list only provides names and not department affiliations. It does not specify what documents the faculty members signed. The universities with the largest number of boycott supporters, according to the interactive map, are both in the California state system: Altogether, the lists contain hundreds of names.

A year ago, the University of California became the first public university in the United States to issue a statement condemning anti-Semitism on its campuses, though it stopped short of a blanket denunciation of anti-Zionism.

The group has frequently come under attack, however, for conflating anti-Semitism with condemnation of Israel. We hope these new education and research tools will prove helpful to advocacy organizations, government officials, university administrators, researchers and concerned parents, students and university stakeholders.

Lila Corwin-Berman, a professor of Jewish studies at Temple University and a leading activist in the newly formed Jewish Studies Activists Network, expressed shock at the publication of the list of academic boycotters.

It puts information into a form that allows people to believe that certain universities are bastions of anti-Semitism. The timing of its publication, she speculated, was not coincidental.

In a letter published in The Forward in Octobers , many prominent Jewish studies scholars denounced the organization for urging Jewish students to avoid taking classes with a long list of Middle East studies scholars it had compiled, whom it deemed anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic.

The report also shone a light on the Strategic Affairs Ministry, which Erdan heads, and cast doubt about its ambiguous activities and goals.

That definition does not necessarily include only supporters of BDS, but intentional ambiguity remains, alongside campaigns and public diplomacy activities against these individuals in Israel and abroad.

The Strategic Affairs Ministry was established mainly as a consolation prize for ministers when the need arose to pad them with a semi-security portfolio during the formation of governing coalitions, and has taken on various forms.

It was founded in as a portfolio tailored to Avigdor Lieberman. It was dismantled two years later and reestablished in in a different format.

Under each ministry it was given new meaning and content. Only a great suffering can purge deceit from the population who has bought it wholesale with their very identity.

From a Supporter —————————- Hi Brother Nathanael,. On Sunday March 26th , I published the following article on my Facebook page after I watched your video.

I thought you might want to publish it on your blog. I bought the book directly from MoonRockBooks. Amazon can ban the book and yank it off your device at any moment.

And what recourse will you have? It turns out my suspicion that Amazon would extend their book banning practices was not overly paranoid.

Just this month they have banned 72 titles, all of them having to do with the Holocaust. I have two of these banned titles on my bookshelf: Debating the Holocaust and Breaking the Spell.

Both books are excellent and I highly recommend them. At that time, Amazon issued a statement saying:. Why would Jeff Bezos defend books promoting man-boy pedophilia?

Why would he ban scholarly history books that critically examine traditional Holocaust claims? Start asking more questions.

And… consider buying books and other products from businesses not called Amazon. I suggested it should be renamed the Kindle Fahrenheit Former London mayor Ken Livingstone made fresh accusations of links between Jews and Nazis on his way into court for a hearing on the aftermath of his controversial comments about Hitler, the news website Independent reported on Thursday.

He was supporting Zionism. I am a long time supporter, please consider using Patreon, I support several other truth speakers and would happily add a small monthly donation towards your cause.

They claim on their website: TransferWise is up to 8x cheaper on surveyed currency routes. As to your dispute with PayPal, they have you and everyone else over a legal barrel, meaning complete dictatorial power over choosing to restrict anyone.

Act in a manner that is defamatory, trade libelous, threatening or harassing to our employees, agents or other Users; f. Provide false, inaccurate or misleading Information; k.

Conduct your business or use the PayPal Services in a manner that results in or may result in complaints…to PayPal, other Users, third parties or you;.

The language allows PayPal to restrict an account at any time at the discretion of PayPal. The user has no legal leg to stand on.

I do not like Pay Pal after they left me hanging on a business deal no not millions but still because I logged in with a cell phone instead of a PC.

I deleted maybe my account. Now when I pay on Ebay I only use guest accounts with that disgrace as well , I choose credit card option to see PayPal does the transaction anyway.

So now I order by mail only. Takes a while longer but I am happier. Does anyone realize all we have to do is stop using these non-critical services and they will flounder…suffer for sure.

They are making money by taking money and I feel sorry for Br. I realize I am not behind Br N. I am believing he has a legit reason for his site and ideals and to be cut off by these ingrates is more reason to refuse them profit.

Since they consider you as a threat, my choice to send you money in the past was based on an accurate perception: Sorry to hear about this Brother Nathanael but it was inevitable.

I have donated before and will again and encourage all to show support. And of course BroNat is absolutely right.

Jews control everything now although I believe an awakening is slowly taking place. No politicans will do much to challenge Jewish power in the near future.

The Jews will lose some battles but keep maintaining their world control. But Russia is weak because of corruption, oligarchy and human rights abuses.

If Russia continues on this path, they may well encounter the same cataclysm that brought down the Soviet empire.

Utter nonsense like usual! And despite his many international business connections, Trump sounds completely clueless on U. These days what with intelligence satellites and all, once a US troop deployment is initiated, then basically the entire world knows how many US troops and their obvious logistics are enroute their destination points, particularly ISIS or whatever enemy du jour, except for the American people.

The horrors of Operation Cast Lead December 27 January 18, remain indelibly etched in the minds of all Gazans, and mine. For 22 days the Gazans were closed in and relentlessly attacked, while the world watched as war crimes were broadcast live on television.

At the end of the offensive over 1, Palestinians were dead; 82 percent of them - the overwhelming majority - were innocent civilians.

The Jews rained down white phosphorous on Gaza City day and night, causing huge suffering and death to families, indiscriminately bombarded them with artillery, drone attacks killed only civilians and children, bulldozers and explosive charges razed blocks of homes in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Occupation Forces attacked Gaza again in and in And, during Operation Cast Lead and since then, attacks on Gaza have become a Jewish spectator sport, complete with tailgate parties in the hills overlooking Gaza.

Be that as it may, it also helped tipped civilians in affected areas, and they would have a chance to flee, if physically possible. Now, the White House is blacking out troop deployments altogether to keep the people from knowing how many American casualties will follow, and suppressing the fact that civilian casualties have increased exponentially in Iraq and Syria due to US-led coalition strikes.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon quietly dispatched Marines to northern Syria to operate artillery in support of Syrian militias that are cooperating in the fight against Islamic State, according to U.

That was the first use of U. Marines in that country since its long civil war began. In Iraq, nearly Army paratroopers were deployed recently to help the Iraqi military in their six-month assault on the city of Mosul, according to U.

Neither of those deployments was announced once they had been made, a departure from the practice of the Obama administration, which announced nearly all conventional force deployments.

That move deprives the public of information it has a right to know about the wars in which the U. In addition to the number of troops being larger, American forces are now nearer to the front lines in both Iraq and Syria than they have been since the war against Islamic State began nearly three years ago.

The deployment of Marines to Syria was confirmed for the first time publicly this week by Gen. Joseph Votel, the top commander in the Middle East, in response to a question at a congressional hearing from a member of the House Armed Services committee who asked whether there were additional Americans inside the country.

Under the Obama administration, Pentagon policy was to announce conventional deployments after they occurred. That administration even took the unusual step of revealing in that special operations forces — whose missions often are classified — had been sent to Syria.

Even when news of a deployment leaks, officials will confirm only the broad description of the unit size being deployed — such as a brigade, which can be between 3, and 4, troops.

Pentagon officials acknowledge, however, that the number significantly understates the size of the U.

More than 1, troops are currently in the two countries in that status, which applies to troops deployed for less than about six months and security personnel.

The count also excludes civilian contractors, several thousand of whom are in Iraq and Syria. The Obama administration created and used the force management level in a way that undercounted U.

Cardin, 27, of Temecula, died on March 19 after coming under Islamic State rocket fire in northern Iraq. Congress has not debated the additional deployments, and the Trump administration has yet to explain what its longer-term policy is for Iraq or Syria.

In the absence of a specific authorization for use of troops in those two countries, the Pentagon for years has been relying on legal authority granted by Congress in to combat Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

That authorization predated the existence of the Islamic State by more than a decade. Defense Secretary James N. Mattis told Congress last week that he favored a more specific authorization.

I never imagined that vote being used to justify U. I use email transfer myself for certain things and it works great.

I first saw your videos and especially in the last few years the production values and graphics have become first rate. The videos are not too long and perfect for sharing.

Thank you for your time. Could you please shed some light on what books that you are referring to. I am sorry I am not aware of it.

There was a book you could download called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. That got yanked and banned about a year ago. Yet books on sorcery and sexual deviancy are still available.

I am sorry but I would not be able to comment on that, however if you could please share the particular title that you are looking for, I can take it as feedback and forward to our kindle direct publishing team.

However, if you would like to mention titles of the books you are particularly looking for, that would be helpful. But best of luck to you.

You had nothing to do with any of this. It is a complete history of Israeli Hasbara and the manipulation of the American public mind and perception and the failure of Western media.

It is quite therapeutic in the care and washing of the brain to clear out cobwebs and dead spiders for spring cleaning. The Occupation of the American Mind takes an eye-opening look at this critical exception, zeroing in on pro-Israel public relations efforts within the U.

There is absolutely no comparison of how good BLM actually has it here in America compared to what the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Libyans, the Iraqis, the Yemenis, the Afghanis, the Southeast Asians and the Latin American countries have suffered from Jewmerican imperialism.

Who are the Nazi book burners? A Party Planner and a Baker were successfully sued for refusing service to homosexuals ….. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

These social media have become like public utilities and therefore have no right to engage in political censorship.

Take the locks off his doors. Then I dropped the kicker - the real reason for the call: I asked them if they had any knowledge about when the US economy was going to tank.

You should have it by tomorrow or Monday. Right on their very door step, they watch and take from Americans , as people suffer and die at the hands of terrorists.

Gilad Atzmon just posted a terrific new video about how Jews will use every means to block free speech:. What you are about to see is disturbing, it is violent, it is vile, it is totally foreign to Western culture.

Because the two have a lot in common. On Purim, Jews read the [Jewish version] Book of Esther, which tells the story of a Jew who unexpectedly gains influence with a mighty king.

She learns that a wicked man named Haman threatens her people with destruction. Since her status may afford her some protection, she has the option to remain silent.

But she does not. American Jews are Esther. They have won influence with the most powerful government on earth. They could keep their heads down, focusing only on preserving their own safety and privilege.

But wicked men threaten other Jews — the Jews of Israel — with destruction. Thus, American Jews transform their power into heroism.

Back then, American Jewish organizations did not summon half the members of Congress to conferences where they dined on kosher food and proclaimed their solidarity with the Jewish people.

They lacked both the power and the will to behave like Esther. AIPAC affords their children and grandchildren the chance to redeem that failure.

Neither the King nor Haman know that Esther is a Jew. Mordechai may be suggesting that if she remains silent, Haman will eventually discover her identity and murder her, too.

Esther, after all, has already taken the name of a Persian goddess, Ishtar. And she has married a Persian man. AIPAC offers an answer to that too.

Like Mordechai speaking to Esther, it tells American Jews that by protecting the Jewish people, they will also secure their own survival.

Why remain Jewish in the highly assimilated America of ? Because Israel needs you, and by safeguarding it, you can be a hero. Many rabbinic commentators justify this as self-defense.

It can be used heroically, and it can be used horrifically. It can guarantee Jewish survival and it can threaten the survival of others. It is a blessing and a responsibility and a danger.

It celebrates it to the point of intoxication. The seat of the god Khepera was in the boat of the sun, and the pictures which present us with this fact[1] only illustrate an idea which is as old, at least, as the pyramid of Unas, for in this monument it is said of the king: In the XVIIIth dynasty Queen Hatshepset declared herself to be "the creator of things which came into being like Khepera",[3] and in later times the scribes were exceedingly fond of playing upon the word used as a noun, adjective, verb and proper name.

Tum or Atemu i. It would seem that he usurped the position of Ra in Egyptian mythology, or at any rate that the priests of Annu succeeded in causing their local god, either separately or joined with Ra, to be accepted as the leader of the divine group.

He represented the evening or night sun, and as such he is called in the XVth chapter of the Book of the Dead "divine god," "self-created," "maker of the gods," "creator of men," who stretched out the heavens," "the lightener of the tuat with his two eyes," etc.

The "cool breezes of the north wind," for which every dead man prayed, were supposed to proceed from him.

He is, as M. Ra was the name given to the sun by the Egyptians in a remote antiquity, but the meaning of the word, or the attribute which they ascribed to the sun by it, is unknown.

Ra was the invisible emblem of God, and was regarded as the god of this earth, to whom offerings and sacrifices were made daily; and when he appeared above the horizon at the creation, time began.

In the pyramid texts the soul of the deceased makes its way to where Ra is in heaven, and Ra is entreated to give it a place in the "bark of millions of years" wherein he sails over the sky.

The Egyptians attributed to the sun a morning and an evening boat, and in these the god sat accompanied by Khepera and Tmu, his own forms in the morning and evening respectively.

In his daily course he vanquished night and darkness, and mist and cloud disappeared from before his rays; subsequently the Egyptians invented the moral conception of the sun, representing the victory of right over wrong and of truth over falsehood.

From a natural point of view the sun was synonymous with movement, and hence typified the life of man; and the setting of the one typified the death of the other.

Usually Ra is depicted in human form, sometimes with the head of a hawk, and sometimes without[3], As early as the time of the pyramid texts we find Ra united with Tmu to form the chief god of Annu, and at the same period a female counterpart Rat was assigned to him.

Shu , the second member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the firstborn son of Ra, Ra-Tmu, or Tum, by the goddess Hathor, the sky, and was the twin brother of Tefnut.

He typified the light, he lifted up the sky, Nut, from the earth, Seb, and placed it upon the steps which were in Khemennu.

He is usually depicted in the form of a man, who wears upon his head a feather or feathers and holds in his hand the sceptre. At other times he appears in the form of a man with upraised arms; on his head he has the emblem , and he is often accompanied by the four pillars of heaven, i.

Tefnut , the third member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the daughter of Ra, Ra-Tmu, or Tmu, and twin-sister of Shu; she represented in one form moisture, and in another aspect she seems to personify the power of sunlight.

In the pyramid texts they play a curious part, Shu being supposed to carry away hunger from the deceased, and Tefnut his thirst. Seb or Qeb , the fourth member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the son of Shu, husband of Nut, and by her father of Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

Originally he was the god of the earth, and is called both the father of the gods, and the " erpa i.

In many places he is called the "great cackler" and he was supposed to have laid the egg from which the world sprang. Already in the pyramid texts he has become a god of the dead by virtue of representing the earth wherein the deceased was laid.

Ausar or Osiris , the sixth member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the son of Seb and Nut, and the husband of his sister Isis, the father of "Horus, the son of Isis," and the brother of Set and Nephthys.

The version of his sufferings and death by Plutarch has been already described see p. Whatever may have been the foundation of the legend, it is pretty certain that his character as a god of the dead was well defined long before the versions of the pyramid texts known to us were written, and the only important change which took place in the views of the Egyptians concerning him in later days was the ascription to him of the attributes which in the early dynasties were regarded as belonging only to Ra or to Ra-Tmu.

Originally Osiris was a form of the sun-god, and, speaking generally, he may be said to have represented the sun after he had set, and as such was the emblem of the motionless dead; later texts identify him with the moon.

The Egyptians asserted that he was the father of the gods who had given him birth, and, as he was the god both of yesterday and of to-day, he became the type of eternal existence and the symbol of immortality; as such he usurped not only the attributes of Ra, but those of every other god, and at length he was both the god of the dead and the god of the living.

As judge of the dead he was believed to exercise functions similar to those attributed to God. Alone among all the many gods of Egypt, Osiris was chosen as the type of what the deceased hoped to become when, his body having been mummified in the prescribed way, and ceremonies proper to the occasion having been performed and the prayers said, his glorified body should enter into his presence in heaven; to him as "lord of eternity," by which title as judge of the dead he was commonly addressed, the deceased appealed to make his flesh to germinate and to save his body from decay.

A very complete series of illustrations of the forms of Osiris is given by Lanzone in his Dizionario , tavv. The ceremonies connected with the celebration of the events of the sufferings, the death and the resurrection of Osiris occupied a very prominent part in the religious observances of the Egyptians, and it seems as if in the month of Choiak a representation of.

Loret in Recueil de Travaux , tom. A perusal of this work explains the signification of many of the ceremonies connected with the burial of the dead, the use of amulets, and certain parts of the funeral ritual; and the work in this form being of a late date proves that the doctrine of immortality, gained through the god who was "lord of the heavens and of the earth, of the underworld and of the waters, of the mountains, and of all which the sun goeth round in his course,"[1] had remained unchanged for at least four thousand years of its existence.

Auset or Isis , the seventh member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus; her woes have been described both by Egyptian and Greek writers.

The animal sacred to her was the cow, hence she sometimes wears upon her head the horns of that animal accompanied by plumes and feathers. In one aspect she is identified with the goddess Selk or Serq, and she then has upon her head a scorpion, the emblem of that goddess;[3] in another aspect she is united to the star Sothis, and then a star is added to her crown.

As a nature goddess she is seen standing in the boat of the sun, and she was probably the deity of the dawn. Heru or Horus , the sun-god, was originally a totally distinct god from Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, but from the earliest times it seems that the two gods were confounded, and that the attributes of the one were ascribed to the other; the fight which Horus the sun-god waged against night and darkness was also at a very early period identified with the combat between Horus, the son of.

Isis, and his brother Set. The visible emblem of the sun-god was at a very early date the hawk is, which was probably the first living thing worshipped by the early Egyptians; already in the pyramid texts the hawk on a standard is used indiscriminately with to represent the word "god.

Horus , the son of Osiris and Isis, appears in Egyptian texts usually as Heru-p-khart, " Horus the child," who afterwards became the "avenger of his father Osiris," and occupied his throne, as we are told in many places in the Book of the Dead.

In the pyramid texts the deceased is identified with Heru-p-khart, and a reference is made to the fact that the god is always represented with a finger in his mouth.

A very interesting figure of this god represents him holding his eyes in his hands; see Lanzone, op.

Set or Sutekh the eighth member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the son of Seb and Nut, and the husband of his sister Nephthys. The worship of this god is exceedingly old, and in the pyramid texts we find that be is often mentioned with Horus and the other gods of the Heliopolitan company in terms of reverence.

He was also believed to perform friendly offices for the deceased, and to be a god of the Sekhet-Aaru, or abode of the blessed dead. He is usually depicted in human form with the head of an animal which has not yet been identified; in later times the head of the ass was confounded with it, but the figures of the god in bronze which are preserved in the British Museum and elsewhere prove beyond a doubt that the head of Set is that of an animal unknown to us.

In the early dynasties he was a beneficent god, and one whose favour was sought after by the living and by the dead, and so late as the XIXth dynasty kings delighted to call themselves "beloved of Set.

Originally Set, or Sut, represented the natural night and was the opposite of Horus;[2] that Horus and Set were opposite aspects or forms of the same god is proved by the figure given by Lanzone Dizionario , tav.

The natural opposition of the day and night was at an early period confounded with the battle which took place between Horus, the son of Isis, and Set, wherein Isis intervened, and it seems that the moral idea of the battle of right against wrong[3] became attached to the latter combat, which was undertaken by Horus to avenge his father's murder by Set.

Nebt-het or Nephthys the last member of the company of the gods of Annu, was the daughter of Seb and Nut, the sister of Osiris and Isis, and the.

In the pyramid of Unas, l. When the sun rose at the creation out of the primeval waters, Nephthys occupied a place in his boat with Isis and other deities; as a nature goddess she either represents the day before sunrise or after sunset, but no portion of the night.

She is depicted in the form of a woman, having upon her head the hieroglyphics which form her name, "lady of the house".

A legend preserved by Plutarch[1] makes her the mother of Anpu or Anubis by Osiris. In Egyptian texts Anpu is called the son of Ra.

Anpu , or Anubis, the son of Osiris or Ra, sometimes by Isis and sometimes by Nephthys, seems to represent as a nature god either the darkest part of the twilight or the earliest dawn.

He is depicted either in human form with a jackal's head, or as a jackal. In the legend of Osiris and Isis, Anubis played a prominent part in connexion with the dead body of Osiris, and in papyri we see him standing as a guard and protector of the deceased lying upon the bier; in the judgment scene he is found as the guard of the balance, the pointer of which he watches with great diligence.

He became the recognized god of the sepulchral chamber, and eventually presided over the whole of the "funeral Mountain.

Another form of Anubis was the god Ap-uat , the of the pyramid texts,[3] or "Opener of the ways," who also was depicted in the form of a jackal; and the two gods are often confounded.

Among the primeval gods are two, Hu and Saa who are seen in the boat of the sun at the creation. They are the children of Tmu or Tmu-Ra, but the exact part which they play as nature gods has not yet, it seems, been satisfactorily made out.

The first mention of them in the pyramid texts records their subjugation by the deceased,[5] but in the Theban Book of the Dead. Tehuti or Thoth represented the divine intelligence which at creation uttered the words that were carried into effect by Ptah and Khnemu.

He was self produced, and was the great god of the earth, air, sea and sky; and he united in himself the attributes of many gods.

He was the scribe of the gods, and, as such, he was regarded as the inventor of all the arts and sciences known to the Egyptians; some of his titles are "lord of writing," "master of papyrus," "maker of the palette and the ink-jar," "the mighty speaker," "the sweet tongued"; and the words and compositions which he recited on behalf of the deceased preserved the latter from the influence of hostile powers and made him invincible in the "other world.

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